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19th Biennal of Sardinian Handicrafts
2009 ,  
cm 28 x 30 ,  pp.  
637 (col) 28 (bn)

The book is a book-object of great attraction and unusual shape; the richness of illustrative apparatus - with colour pictures in large format - and fine-tuned graphic design makes it a product with a precise characterization. An important contribution, even graphic, by the designer Enzo Mari and an essay by the art critic and historian Giuliana Altea open the catalogue. Enzo Mari defines precisely the relationship between design and handicraft - which has a crucial counterpoint in the comment of Francesca Picchi, design's reviewer - , Giuliana Altea analyses, in her essay, Sardinia's artisan context; interventions that allow the reader a clear understanding of the project's conceptual premises. The entire collection is presented, subdivided into different areas related to artisan praxis, with a detailed set of images that document not only the individual artefacts but also the designer's planning stages (each designer comments his intervention with a short text) and implementation's moment in 60 workshops selected throughout the island. The volume also includes biographies of designers and artisans, the latter accompanied by the necessary contact details for direct contact. The original cover shaped in the form of house, the unusual thickness (made possible by the use of a light and voluminous paper) give it the appearance of a geometric solid, a miniature construction which reflects the high aesthetic quality of documented artisan artefacts.
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